SBGR works closely with clients to chart a course through the complex Washington political process by developing a strategic plan that takes into account the political realities surrounding their policy goals.  Comprehensive services can include:

Federal Government Relations & Advocacy

With over 15 years of experience in Washington, D.C. in the public and private sectors, SBGR is recognized for its bipartisan ties across party lines with policymakers and staff in the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the Administration.  SBGR is able to effectively represent its clients on a host of issues, strategically engaging all stakeholders throughout the process.

Issue and Opportunity Monitoring and Management

In order to effectively identify challenges and opportunities for clients, SBGR gets into the weeds to truly understand its clients’ business operations.  We anticipate legislative or regulatory actions to ensure clients are well positioned to navigate and influence policy changes.  Being proactive, doing your homework in D.C., building key relationships and taking time to put together a strategic plan reduces exposure and risk to unwanted political attention or harmful policy.

Business Development

SBGR has its ear to the ground for its clients seeking new opportunities, whether in government contracting or business-to-business to increase market share and overall revenue.

Strategic Communications

SBGR listens and works with clients to create and execute strategic communications plans that resonate with policy makers.  The firm’s public affairs and professional experience is well suited to assist clients in achieving successful outcomes.

Coalition Management

Washington responds to unified messages.  SBGR’s broad network connects clients to other companies, trade associations, interest groups, and other stakeholders.  The firm has experience managing coalitions that can take targeted messages to Capitol Hill and influence public policy.