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The Firm

Sarah Blackwood founded Sarah Blackwood Government Relations, LLC (SBGR) in January 2016.  The consulting firm represents clients before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies and works with clients to develop government affairs strategies to influence public policy outcomes.  SBGR is able to adapt to changing political and budget landscapes to achieve results.

SBGR’s client issue areas include: transportation, energy, environment, manufacturing, technology, cyber-security, trade, tax, and defense.

To achieve positive outcomes in Washington, SBGR believes great bipartisan relationships matter, but so do the facts.  The firm prides itself on being substantive and capable of diving into complex, technical issues in order to achieve its clients’ goals and protect their interests.  

The right policy arguments and messages must be delivered in a clear and concise manner, at the right time, and directed towards key decision makers.